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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This should be included from the design up and needs constant expert attention.. Thorough analysis of the structure and navigation of the web site need to be done, to enable high rankings in the major search engines. Coding need to be done from the start, with search engine spiders and crawlers and web search trends in mind.

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml): Rapid loading of new content to web page, without the need to reload the page and user friendly and interactive web forms to gather client data.

CMS (Content Management Systems): Highly customized templates and implementation of web based management.

Web user statistics/analytics: Analysis of landing pages, ease of navigation and determining why web users are either staying or leaving your website.

Other Web 2.0 Services: Visitor books, web forums, online polls, e-commerce sites with shopping carts, photo galleries, RSS feeds, Atom 2.0 etc.

At NextG - Web Design and Administration, our scientific approach leads to optimal web design. Our sound web design principles ensure stable and consistent operation. We can customize your web site completely, according to your specific needs, because our web programmers have thorough knowledge of coding used in web development, as well as open source software (for example Joomla).

Thorough research is done by subscribing to web authorities, providing us with accurate statistical information about you, your competitors and web users. We can meet our clients' business needs, by our methodical analysis of internet trends.

We make use of open source web frameworks, to have the benefit of Rich Internet Applications, web based administration and speedy development time.

Converting your current website to a CMS (Content Management System), will empower you to web-based management of company assets (article and photo content, updating of e-commerce site catalogue, hierarchical user group management).


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