Web 2.0 Implementation

At NextG - Web Design and Administration, we take care of the complete web development cycle.

The Web 2.0 Internet wave is already well established, yet implemented to a lesser degree among most web designs, or not being implemented to its full potential, as advanced server-side programming skills are needed to have full control over its capabilities.

Why should you be satisfied with old, outdated technology or have your web site deteriorate, due to a lack of affordable web administration?

Let us redesign your web site to implement ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or empower you by migration of your web site to a CMS (content management system) or speed up the loading of web pages and web content, with AJAX and advanced server side scripting. This will earn the value of the initial investment many times over and having a fully functional and customized web site is most rewarding for you company image and customer satisfaction.


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