Web 2.0 culture - to attract web site visitors

NextG encourage user participation, in the true fashion and spirit of the next generation web. By allowing us to do the design and administration of your web site, various next generation web strategies can be implemented and maintained.

  • Web forums
  • Guest books
  • Suggestion boxes
  • Article ratings
  • User comments
  • Online Polls
  • Photo galleries
  • Video postings
  • Online catalogues
  • Shopping carts
  • E-commerce sites
  • News feeds: RSS feeds and Atom
  • Ajax
  • Search Engine Optimization

At NextG, the latest technologies and trends are implemented, from the design up.

Many web sites are created not taking into account modern trends in web design, or implementing it to a lesser and ineffective degree only. Web site visitors want to use your online services, but also want you to listen to their needs. Allow visitors to leave a message while on-line, or have an automated e-mail alert you of a client's request.

Even a web site responding to and guiding user actions, while filling out a form, will enhance user satisfaction. All of us have become frustrated at one stage or another trying to select a valid option for travelling destinations or filling out a form, just to have the whole process aborted and having to start all over again. Web users must be compelled to stay as long as possible, by creating a culture of participation and ease of using your online services. Though the possibilities are unlimited, the level of interaction can be determined by the web site administrator.

Having a fully functional and responsive web site is essential for maintaining your business. Visitors can be rather unforgiving and leave quickly, when encountering slow pages, broken links, outdated web content, empty photo spaces, or poorly structured web pages.

Our knowledge of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and Xml) to enhance responsive and fast loading web pages and our knowledge of server-side scripting and web programming are essential in having these web strategies functioning properly and effectively. Templates and web pages can be highly customized to suit your specific needs. We prefer as programming platform, open source applications, due to its stability and wide implementation, especially LINUX, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) and Joomla, a very advanced CMS (Content Management System). We also use other platforms, if our clients have specific preferences.


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